I would advise everyone who is suffering from negative items on your credit report to use Let's Talk. I seen a huge difference and I will not stop using them until I am in the 800 club.

Let's Talk has made a huge difference in my credit score. They have removed over 56% of negative items off my credit report! It's worth your time and money to use this service.

Let's Talk customer service definitely get's an A+! The price they ask for is more than fair and I am pleased with my service.

After graduate school I was in a lot of debit. Paying bills on time wasn’t that important to me, so they’d pile up. I’d be 30, 60, and sometimes 90 days late. I really didn't think it was a big deal until I went to purchase a car. I was unable to get the car that I wanted and had to settle for something different with an extremely high interest rate. At that point I knew things had to change. I contacted Let's Talk and received a Credit Analysis. I quickly signed up because of the affordable rates. I am very satisfied wit the service I received and more credit score is definitely increasing. They were able to remove 8 negative items from my report.

After getting a divorce with 2 children to support, I was in a awful place. My credit score had sunk to an average of 416, with the lowest reported score among the three bureaus at just 320. Thanks to the staff at Let's Talk my score increased 60 points within 45 days!